Your Checklist for Success During COVID-19 Princeton, NJ

There has been no shortage of business advice or economic forecasts in recent months, but let’s be real here: no one has ever been through a pandemic like COVID-19 before, so it’s hard to know where to turn. Fortunately, certain patterns are emerging among thriving businesses — key behaviors indicative of success amid and post COVID-19. Based on these patterns, here are a few tips we’ve compiled for setting yourself up for medspa810 success.

Stay connected
Social media has never been more vital to your business than it is now. Use your Facebook and Instagram accounts to stay in touch and check in with your clients on a regular basis. Staying connected through social media is one of most efficient and cost-effective ways to keep your business on the radar while also establishing your voice as a trusted aesthetic care provider.

Provide comfort
Americans have had more than their fair share of stress in recent months, so they have little tolerance for pushy promotional gimmicks or insincerity. During this unpredictable time, show you care by avoiding promotional posts in favor of inspirational and educational content aimed at keeping spirits up. Posting wellness tips for reducing stress and sharing articles aimed at helping your clients live their best lives shows them that you are putting their wellbeing first, before sales and self-promotion.

Be flexible
Patients everywhere have been waiting for their next injectables session, resulting in unprecedented demand for Botox® and dermal fillers across America. (Other aesthetic services are in demand, as well.) Be prepared to gracefully meet this demand by expanding your hours, opening on Saturdays or working with clients’ schedules to fit them in after hours, as necessary. Every action you can take to accommodate your clients will be gratefully received and remembered. Superb customer service is the surest path to inspiring patient loyalty and repeat business.

Maintain your value
This is a great time to offer special sales and payment plans to make purchasing your treatments easier and more accessible to clients who may have hit financial hardship due to COVID-19. Discounts help re-engage consumers by incentivizing purchases, however be careful not to discount too often or too deeply. In many sectors, deep price cuts can backfire by destroying value.

Be transparent
Your staff has been through a lot during this pandemic, particularly if they have been furloughed and are experiencing financial constraints. Be vigilant about communicating regularly with your team about payroll changes and future work conditions. Work with your team to plan out best- and worst-case scenarios so they feel included and prepared for every situation.

Above all else, remember that you are never alone at medspa810! As a member of our team, you benefit from the collective experience of medspa owners, franchisees, aesthetic industry leaders and many other business experts who are eager to help you succeed amid the new normal. To learn more, please call 833.733.4100 or fill out our online inquiry form today!


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