Why Should You Be a Medspa810 Franchisee?

You’ve always dreamed of opening your own medical spa. You’re hard-working, knowledgeable and industrious. Problem is, where do you start? Opening your own business can feel like a daunting process, both emotionally and financially. Which services should you provide? Where should your medspa be located? How should you finance your business? How should you go about hiring good people to work for you?

Now, imagine having all the answers to these questions (and countless more!) in the bag. Imagine having an expert guiding you through every step of the process, someone who knows the aesthetic industry intimately and possesses decades of experience and a proven track record. Doesn’t opening a medical spa sound a lot less daunting with that kind of help in your pocket?

What you’re imagining is a reality at medspa810. As a franchisee of medspa810, you’ll be privy to the secret sauce of medspa success, guided by key opinion leaders (KOL) in the aesthetic vertical. At medspa810, you’re on a collaborative journey, supported by a crew of industry experts who have been in your shoes and want to see you succeed!

Together, the medspa810 team has curated a competitive menu of services and mapped out every step of the ownership process, taking away the guesswork and anxiety of unknowns so you can focus on your dream — launching a successful medspa that thrives.

To help you get better acquainted with the medspa810 team, here are a few résumé highlights of our leaders: 

Medspa810 CEO

Francis X. Acunzo opened THE very first medical spa in 1996, merging his spa with the nation’s largest cosmetic laser company. Since then, he has owned and operated a multisite chain of spas as well as the largest corporate-owned chain of medspas. He has launched over 110 aesthetic medical practices and medspas in the U.S. and provided management and marketing support to more than 200 aesthetic locations.

Medspa810 Medical Director

Double board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, Ran Stark, M.D., is recognized as one the top plastic surgeons in the Philadelphia area and beyond. Driven to achieve excellence, Dr. Stark is passionate about his role, ensuring that medspa810 adheres to the highest standards in quality and effectiveness for their treatments and care.

President and Chief Development Officer

Greg Longe brings more than 25 years of franchise experience to medspa810, offering extensive knowledge in all areas of franchise management including acquisitions, franchise sales, operations, marketing, real estate development and construction, training, team building, conflict resolution, legal and compliance, and administration.
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