Why Choose Non-Surgical Body Sculpting for Fat Reduction
Raleigh, NC

Getting rid of stubborn fat for good has never been easier or safer than with non-surgical body sculpting. For some, going the surgical route isn’t even a possibility or a desire, but for those who are considering a surgical procedure like liposuction, it’s important to know all your options. At medspa810, we are proud to offer clinically proven ways to target fat without surgery or the worries that come with it.

Here are just some of the pros to choosing non-surgical body sculpting for fat removal:

Non-invasive, no downtime
A huge pull for non-surgical body contouring is that it involves no needles, surgery, anesthesia or downtime. With no incisions or scarring, there is no downtime required after Venus Bliss™ — you’re free to resume your regular day without missing a beat. While the exact number of sessions needed varies from patient to patient, depending on the area being treated, most patients can expect an average of two to three Venus Bliss sessions each lasting up to an hour long. So, if speed and ease are important to you, non-surgical body sculpting may be the way to go.

Additional benefits
Some body sculpting treatments include add-on technologies that target other concerns and elevate your results. In addition to your Venus Bliss treatment, you may benefit from VariPulse™ technology. This (MP)2 applicator can help smooth out the abdominal area while also reducing cellulite on other areas of the body for a smoother and more contoured appearance.

If you’re at your ideal weight with a BMI under 30 but have some visible fat bulges you’d like to eliminate, Venus Bliss may be an ideal treatment for you! To learn more and get started, call 919-554-6754 or fill out our consultation request form today.

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