Top Do’s and Don’ts of Opening Your Own Medical Spa

So, you want to open a medspa? What a fine idea! But before making a move, take a moment to read this blog, inspired by medspa810’s team of industry experts. After decades of experience in the aesthetic vertical, the mespa810 team has seen their fair share of success stories and business blunders, and they’re passionate about sharing their wisdom so that YOU can be a success!

Here are a few words to the wise for opening your own medspa:

Never underestimate the power of a good menu.

Gone are the days when a medspa could get by on just froufrou facials and hand massages. Today’s most successful aesthetic providers are focused on results. It’s truly that simple. Your medspa needs to provide results-driven, clinically-proven treatments for revealing noticeable, long-lasting improvements. What’s more, today’s savvy medspa consumer knows they can turn back years, trim away fat and slow the aging process on their lunch hour, and they will only frequent the medspas that provide such results-driven treatments.

More is not always better!

A skin rejuvenation treatment like dermabrasion is a must for any medspa. But do you really need three dermabrasion treatments when one will do? Haste makes waste when purchasing your medical spa technologies. Before diving in to every treatment you learn about, take time to research and compare notes so you can purchase the technologies that make the most sense for your clients and your wallet. “One of the most common mistakes we see medspa owners make is purchasing more equipment than they need,” says Francis X. Acunzo, medspa810 CEO. “Over-purchasing puts your new business in danger because you are setting yourself up with lots of debt.”

Do not reinvent the wheel.

There’s a formula for every successful business model: earning more than you spend. Easier said than done, right? At the risk of tooting our own horn, medspa810’s team of experts has collectively launched hundreds of successful medical spas and other franchises. We know the tricks of the trade — the ins and outs of medspa ownership — and we can help you avoid the pitfalls every step of the way. Medspa810 can help you build a successful medspa because we’ve been there and done that ourselves.
There’s no need to go it alone. Learn more about being a medspa810 franchisee by calling (833) 733-4100 or filling out our online consultation request form today!
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