Top CoolSculpting® Tips from Pros

FDA-cleared CoolSculpting took the aesthetic world by storm more than a decade ago, and it’s been the world’s #1 non-surgical body sculpting treatment ever since. If you’re interested in trimming stubborn fat bulges with CoolSculpting, here are three tips for getting your best results:

1. Remember that not all CoolSculpting treatments are created equal.
CoolSculpting is a clinically proven fat-freezing treatment that disables fat cells in targeted areas, but every treatment is different, depending on your needs and goals. It’s also important to note that your CoolSculpting results are dependent on the skill and training of your CoolSculpting provider. This is why we value professional training so highly at Medspa810! We are passionate about providing you with the highest level of results you can get! This is also why we encourage all CoolSculpting shoppers to search for the most experienced providers with a robust history of successful treatments under their belt. 

At Medspa810, your CoolSculpting provider will carefully assess your contours and goals to devise a treatment regimen that works for you. For example, you may need a series of treatments instead of just one. Treatment times are also subject to change, depending on your unique body shape and goals. Rest assured, our CoolSculpting providers have the advanced training and experience to understand all the nuances of CoolSculpting and deliver optimal results.

2. Be specific and precise with your goals.
CoolSculpting is designed to reduce pinchable pockets of fat, also known as subcutaneous fat. This pinch-an-inch fat occurs in specific areas of the body, such as your abdomen (muffin top/spare tire), under your chin (double chin), on your thighs (saddlebags) or back (bra fat). CoolSculpting can help you trim down your waist fat, for example, so you may fit into a smaller jeans size, but it won’t help you lose weight in general. This distinction is important because we find the highest success rates with CoolSculpting to be among people who have specific goals in mind, i.e., they want to trim down a specific area but are generally happy with the size of their body. Generally speaking, CoolSculpting is ideal for people who are close to their ideal body weight and who want to lose that pinch-an-inch fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.

3. Patience is key.
CoolSculpting affords gradual, natural-looking results. This non-invasive body sculpting technology freezes and disables your targeted fat cells during your session, but the slimming down part will occur in the weeks and months following your treatment. This is because your fat cells are flushed away through your body’s endocrine system (urine) gradually over time. The other reason we find patience important is that most people need a series of treatments to see their best results. We typically recommend spacing your treatments about a month apart.

Keep in mind that it’s our privilege to help you design a CoolSculpting treatment plan that suits your needs and goals to a “T”! We can’t wait to help you achieve your body contouring goals this season! To get started, please call Medspa810 for a consultation today!

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