Is Zoom Fueling Spike in Demand for Aesthetic Treatments?

As a society, we may actually be more concerned than ever before about our appearances.

Andrea Jefferson and Shani McKee own and operate high preforming medspa810 locations in the Scottsdale, AZ market and are noticing an interesting trend born out of the pandemic. “People see themselves on Zoom meetings all the time these days, and it’s causing us to notice lines and wrinkles, sagging skin on the neck, things we didn’t really notice before. We ask ourselves, ‘Has my neck always looked like that? Where did those lines come from?’ Thanks to Zoom, we’ve become collectively hyper-aware of our appearance, and I believe it’s translating into a sharp increase in demand for aesthetic services like injectables and neck lifts. In addition, both locations have seen tremendous pent up demand for all of our core services.“

We believe that today, the world has created a culture of self-consciousness and it’s easy to understand why. In a recent story for entitled, “STARING AT YOUR FACE ON ZOOM IS A PARTICULAR KIND OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE—HERE’S WHY,” Zoe Weiner writes:

“Every weekday morning at 9:59 a.m., the exact same scene replays in my bedroom: I open Zoom for my first meeting of the day and wait for my video to turn on. As soon as it does, I find myself thinking: ‘Oh wow, that’s what I look like?’ I spend the next 30 minutes forced to stare at my face and acknowledge that I have enlarged pores, errant chin hairs, and weird discoloration on my complexion (like, you know, any other human with skin). Over the course of the day, this scene gets repeated during meetings, Zoom happy hours, and digital first dates—and my list of gripes about myself gets longer...

Weiner’s story continues:
“You think, ‘I’m not going out, so I’m not going to care as much,’ but in reality you don’t stare in a mirror all day like you do now,” says Ben Holber, co-founder of teledermatology platform Apostrophe. He notes that his site has seen a 60 to 70 percent increase in new patients, and attributes at least some of it to the fact that people are spending more time analyzing their own skin on video calls…”

While Weiner’s story is only anecdotal, it’s worth noting that Apostrophe’s recent spike in new teledermatology patients is consistent with what we’re seeing in the medspa810 system across the country as the locations reopened.

Allergan®, the manufacturer of Botox® and Juvéderm®, shared promising results from a survey of more than 1,200 Brilliant Distinctions consumers, of which 99% anticipated a fast return to the market and 65% of prospective users anticipated getting treatment.

No one doubts that medspas will experience pent up demand for treatments upon reopening, and whether or not that demand is partially due to Zoom is debatable. However, according to many industry experts, the key to sustaining business will always be in cultivating and sustaining a loyal client base that can withstand any economic fluctuation.

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Staring at Your Face on Zoom Is a Particular Kind of Psychological Torture—Here’s Why
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