3 Do’s and Don’ts for Reopening Your Medspa Princeton, NJ

Depending on your location, you may already be open. But for those of you who live in parts of the country that have been severely impacted by COVID-19, you are likely in the trenches of relaunching your business. Here are a few pointers for successfully reopening your medspa, including common mistakes to avoid.

Show you care.
The pandemic has caused great economic and emotional hardship across the nation. Quality of life has become the primary focus for consumers, who are growing increasingly wary of dishonest or self-centered business tactics. Businesses who are thriving amid COVID-19 are perceived as offering value to their customers, from not only a logistical but also an emotional standpoint. So, it’s time to ask yourself and your staff: how you can provide value to your clients? How can you be of service and help your clients feel better during this uncertain time?

One idea is to offer discounts during your relaunch that make your services more accessible. For example, “Banking Your Botox” is a terrific promotion that’s a win-win for both you and patients. This sale incentivizes purchasing Botox® in advance, at a discounted rate, well before the appointment, which helps your business maintain an income even amid closures. This promotion also benefits the client by allowing them to secure a great discount at their desired treatment time.

DON’T: pursue aggressive sales tactics such as pressuring a person to buy now or lose out on a discount. This can backfire, causing consumers to distrust your business.

Use clear, concise and PROMINENT messaging.
Create a pop-up on your website that discusses your new hours and the safety precautions you are taking to keep patients healthy. In addition, every client should be emailed a COVID-19 consent form, to be downloaded and signed by the client prior to their appointment. The consent form informs your clients of your practice’s clear expectations during their visit to ensure their safety, and may include such details as:
● All clients must wear a mask.
● Clients should stay in their car until they receive a text or call from the medspa indicating that they are ready to be received.
● Clients should come to their appointment alone.
● Clients should stay 6 feet away from others.
● Clients should only bring to their appointment a form of payment, not other items such as a handbag.

For clear guidance on the exact health perimeters to include, please visit The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) and/or the CDC.

DON’T: forget to update your Google My Business hours and remove pop-ups from your website that discuss closure!

Put client safety first.
Before opening, deep-clean your entire facility. While you are planning your daily disinfecting regimen, think through every moment of a client’s experience with you, from the moment they open the front door, all the way to leaving your medspa. Your goal is to minimize a client’s contact with high-risk surfaces, including door knobs, credit card swipers, keypads and brochures. For example, leaving a door jamb in your entryway allows your clients to open the door without touching the handle. You should also switch to a hands-free payment system and put hand sanitizing stations in every room. If your clients must use a pen at some point during their visit, be sure to separate unused pens from used pens in clearly labeled containers.

Update your standard operating procedure to include the option of virtual care/consultations whenever applicable, and continue offering virtual care indefinitely for clients who wish to maintain social distancing guidelines for the long term. In a recent RealSelf poll, 66% of aesthetic patients surveyed were open to virtual consults, so there is a real demand and opportunity for growth here.

DON’T: leave brochures, pamphlets, sample skin care bottles and any other hand-held objects on display for customers to touch and possibly spread infection or become infected.

Stick with the winners.

At medspa810, we’ve assembled a seasoned team of industry experts who have weathered many economic downturns. We have the experience to help you through this volatile time, and we truly can’t wait for you to succeed. To learn more about medspa810, please call 833.733.4100 or fill out our online inquiry form today!

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